This week patterns seemed to be involved in everything the Otters encountered.  We have been spending time reviewing skip counting by 2's, 5's and 10's and being able to recognize these patterns on a 100's chart.  We looked at several sets of items and numbers and made statements about which ones didn't belong in the set and why.  Next we made our own "Which One Doesn't Belong?" slide show and shared our drawings with our classmates.  We worked our way into recognizing the relationship of 3 numbers in a "fact family" or equation.  

On Wednesday we took a walk to the Forest Grove Post Office to mail the letters we wrote last week.  On the way back we stopped to work our way through the paths on the labyrinth.  We stopped to collect leaves that we will be sorting, describing and categorizing this week.  

We were also lucky to have Ms. Shelley make time for us to have music on Thursday this week.  We have been learning a new song and have our own books where we can read both the music notes and the words for the song.  

As we work into adding more details in our writing we have been focusing on parts of speech. This week we had a lot of fun listing and acting out verbs.  We also continue to work on building community through group play.  The sunny weather gave us a chance to play a few games in the outdoor playground.  The Otters enjoyed a lively game of Duck, Duck, Goose and a running relay.  In the end, it appeared that both the running and the cheering were equally enjoyable.  When the weather didn't cooperate, we spent some time revisiting the Creative Play area which most of us haven't been able to enjoy since last year.