Awesome Otters

You may have noticed lately that when the Otters write the daily message that we hang in the ELC lobby, they have been signing it with "Love, Awesome Otters".  This is an appropriate signature for the Otters these days as a lot of awesome things have been happening in our classroom.  The awesomeness seems to be bookended by the arrival of our salmon eggs and the hatching of the first egg this week.  In between these exciting days we have gone to the pumpkin patch, tie dyed, and got to share our hard work in the classroom with families during the Celebration of Community.  We also thoroughly enjoyed the costume parade on Halloween and were happy to see so many family members and Pacific faculty, staff and students in the halls cheering us on.  We were happy to celebrate two of our Otter friends' birthdays last week...three if you count the hatching of our first salmon egg.

The Otters have been increasing our writing stamina on a daily basis.  While we continue to write creative stories during Writer's Workshop, we are also working on personal narratives, writing observations, taking notes while watching a salmon documentary, and writing to explain our problem solving in math journals.  We enjoyed a few days of pumpkin related numeracy: estimating the number of seeds, weight, and circumference of our pumpkins and eventually toasting the seeds we so diligently pulled out of each pumpkin.  One Otter was overheard saying: "This is such a fun, disgusting job!"  

We have been having a lot of fun in music with Ms. Shelley.  We have learned several new songs. One song includes sheet music so we can sing the words and play the music notes.  The most exciting song is called "I Let Her Go-Go".  We have been singing the song for about a month, and last Friday we had the opportunity to teach the song to the Whales.  It was so much fun!