Trout Release

The Otters took our first field trip on a school bus and it was magical.  Even the constant rain could not dampen our excitement. The big yellow school bus took us to Scoggins Valley Creek at Henry Hagg Lake.  We scouted the area for a release spot that had all the requirements for trout fry: gravel, slow moving water and vegetation.  With a few heartfelt goodbyes, we released the trout carefully into the creek.  After releasing the trout we took time to hike around and explore the area.  One group counted 15 different kinds of moss!  We enjoyed our lunches under the bridge and the Otters main topic of conversation focused on how much fun it is to go on a field trip.  One student summed it up by exclaiming "this is the best day I've ever had at school!"  We returned to the ELC wet and tired to write reflections and share thoughts about our trip.  While there were many mentions of the trout and the water, the school bus ride was definitely the winner of "best part of the field trip".