Poetry Slam

This week the Otters have become poets.  We have been counting syllables while reading and writing haikus about spring.  We have written concrete poems in the shape of things we love.  We have practiced recognizing beginning word sounds while reading and writing alliteration poems.  On Friday, we were invited to the Whales classroom for a poetry slam.  Ms. Ellie shared with us about how poetry readings began in coffee and tea houses the 1960’s.  We wore black and used snaps instead of claps to show our appreciation without breaking the mood.  Ms. Ellie talked to us about the strong emotion of poetry.  Next, we spent some time writing poems about things we do not like.  Many brave Otters and Whales read poems aloud to the group.  The poetry slam ended with the Whales sharing oatcakes and (decaf) tea with us.  We had so much fun!  The Otters will be continuing to write poetry for the next few weeks and will then be bringing home a book all of the poems they have written to share with you.