Decomposition and decomposers

Over the last couple weeks, the Otters have been learning about the process of decomposition. The class nature table has been transformed into the rotting central. Each student created their own individual compost cups and have been making observations a couple times a week. They are observing the combination of dirt, moisture, and heat creates a good environment for decomposition to occur. The children have also created their own mold gardens with pumpkin and carrots. Through these activities, they have been able to observe the process of natural materials breaking down with the help of bacteria and fungi.

The Otter class has been closely observing another decomposer, earthworms! The children determined that earthworms need air, soil, food, and moisture to survive. They used this information to create two earthworm terrariums. The class layered soil and sand, which helps show the movement of the worms throughout the terrarium. The Otters have been able to see the important role earthworms have in the environment. Inside the terrarium, the worms have broken down leaves, pumpkin, apples, and paper. Through learning activities, the children have been able to learn about earthworm physiology and their survival behaviors.