Bread Celebration

As part of the ELC tradition, the Otters participated in the Bread Celebration. This year the Otters made corn tortillas. We read the recipe carefully and it stated that with a single batch we would make 20 tortillas. The Otters used their problem solving skills to determine that a double batch would provide plenty of tortillas for the school celebration. 

The Otters took on the task of mixing the three simple ingredients and realized that it was difficult to roll the soft corn flour dough out in to the round tortilla shape. Through the process of trial and error, we discovered that it was better if we pressed the dough flat with our hands instead. The class used a griddle to cook the tortillas. We shared the tortillas with the school. The other class in the school shared gingerbread, banana bread, and focacchia bread. We had a fun time together as a community.