Classroom Happenings

As you may have noticed, we got our blog issues figured out. We are now using Squarespace as our blogging platform.  Here are some of our classroom happenings from the last week... 

Bakers Shop- Creative play has been turned into a baker's shop. Thank you, Ms. Shelley! We are having a great time learning to read recipes and enact baker's shop dramatic play scenarios. 

In Writer's Workshop this week we finished up our diary writing and began making holiday cards. Student authors examined a variety of greeting cards before creating their own to send to friends and family members. 

Our fascination with mandalas continues... This week students created their own mandalas and other designs that we then compiled into a class coloring book. Students love coloring and doodling during our chapter book read aloud/rest time. 

We have continued with our study of composting. We watched a time lapse video of a compost bin, taken over 20 days. We have also continued to record observations of our decomposition cups through pictures and words. In addition, we read and watched a video about compost bins.  As a class we brainstormed a list of materials that can be composted. We created compost posters, which we will be presenting to the other classes and hanging around the school. 


Our first grade numeracy groups are working on mental math skills this week. We are practicing being able to quickly know the answers to "doubles" math problems (5+5, 6+6,... 12+12) and problems that involve adding ten.  We are also working on writing story problems and solving equations.