First Week of the New Year

We had an exciting week back to school. Everyone was so happy to see each other and to catch up. For morning choice, there was a lot of engaging activities for the children to participate in. There was a winter inspired water color activity. The children were using the OSMO tracing app to create drawings of butterflies and dinosaurs.

In the building area, the children built a house like structure with rig-ama-jig. Throughout the week, they let their imaginations direct them in adding to this structure and incorporated it in their play.

At the writing table, there was fun way to practice reading and writing sight words. This only involved a sheet of paper with sight words written on it, hidden under a ziploc baggie full of paint. The children would have to move the paint to find the hidden words and then write the words they found on another paper. Also, some of the children were very engaged in using the small building materials, such as the legos, magna-tiles and a new magnetic building material that include small rods and balls. 

On Thursday, our Big Buddies came for a visit. For this visit, the Big Buddies brought along a retelling ribbon and a story. The children read the story together, then used the retelling ribbon to help retell what happens in the story, including the characters, the setting, the problem, and the solution. In the coming weeks, the buddies will be collaborating on a story together using these story elements.