Mo Willems Author Study

The Otters are big fans of Mo Willems, the author and illustrator of Knuffle Bunny and Elephant and Piggie books. During Writer's Workshop, the Otters looked closely at Mo Willems illustrating and writing style in Knuffle Bunny. This story was about a little girl who loved her stuffed bunny very much but one day she lost it and her whole family goes hunting for her bunny. The illustrations are very interesting because there are real photographs with cartoon characters and details added.  The class had a lot of fun writing and creating their "lovie" inspired stories with cameras and their own illustrations.

We also learned more about Mo Willems and how he creates his characters, such as Elephant and Piggie. It was interesting to learn that Mo Willems used to be a cartoonist before he became an author. The students learned that Mo Willems spends a lot of time doodling and he is always working on new characters. 

We practiced drawing our own versions of his characters and creating our own cartoons. The children were excited to share their stories, drawings, and notes with Mo Willems, so the class sent him a package. We anxiously await his response.