Field Trips to the University Gym

It was quite an eventful day! 

Today was our fourth and final trip to the university gym space. We have had a great time being able to run and play in a bigger space. We have explored the basketball gym and even shot some hoops, but we prefer the field house area where there is soft turf to roll around in. Micah and Ms. Alexis, who are undergraduate students at Pacific usually plan activities, such as relays or running exercises, for us during our visits. Unfortunately, they had class during our reserved time today. But today was extra special because we invited the Whale class to join us and we got to show them all the fun things that we can do in a bigger space. We also had our numeracy time in the athletic building as we went on a 3D shape hunt. We saw sphere balls, cylinder trash cans and cone cones! 

We also had leprechauns visit our class even if we didn't set any traps to catch them. They left a trail of GLITTER EVERYWHERE! They even left some treats for our snack. 

This week has been so busy! Enjoy your spring break! We can't wait to hear about all your spring break adventures!