Poetry Unit

Today we started our poetry unit with a bang! We spent morning choice time baking scones in preparation for our Poetry Slam with the Whales. The Whales harvested mint and brewed tea for the get together. At 11 am we visited the Whale classroom where we partook of tea and scones as we listened to poetry written by kinder and first grade poets. Ms. Ellie showed us a type of poem called a shape poem, where the text of the poem is written in the shape of the subject of the poem. For example, a poem about ice-cream, was written in the shape of an ice-cream cone with words "dripping" down the sides of the cones. We talked about rhythm and treasure words (descriptive adjectives). Then we partnered up with a Whale writing buddy to compose our own poems. We are so excited to delve into this new topic of exploration during Writer's Workshop time in the upcoming weeks. Please send in any poetry books that you and your child would be willing to share with the class.