Ms. Kylee's Last Day

We had a fun and eventful day for Ms. Kylee's last day. We started the wacky day by having treasured reading in our outdoor classroom right after morning outdoor learning. We also had a picnic lunch outside today on our way to take the ELC compost to the University Center. We then had an afternoon celebration for Ms. Kylee by making GREEN smoothies with the help of Ms. Nicole. It was made from spinach, grapes, apple juice, pineapples, water, and ice. It was so delicious that most of us wanted seconds! We also got to watch ourselves on the SmartBoard in the fitness video that we created. 

(Thank you welcoming me into this classroom. Everyday was a new adventure and I have learned so much from each and every Otter in this class. I will be starting my next placement at Tom McCall with 6th graders on Monday. I will miss this energetic group of learners, but I will surely be back to visit! -Ms. Kylee)