Otter Update

Here's our week at a glance... 

We started our unit on light this week.  More information to come. 

We were excited to discover that more praying mantises emerged from their egg cases this week! We are estimating about 150 mantis nymphs altogether. This week in Writer's workshop we began our "Create an Insect" project. We started the project by researching and taking notes on different insect characteristics and adaptations.  Students are working individually or in teams to showcase their knowledge of insects.  They are using their knowledge to create their own insects that have all the characteristics of a true insect. On Tuesday students brainstormed, sketched and created mind maps. Today they began creating books about their specific insects.  At the culmination of the project students will have created an entire book about their insect, complete with illustrations using different art media, and a three-dimensional model of their insect. These projects will be on display during our Celebration of Learning later this month.

Math groups- This week one of our math groups is working on discovering all the ways to make ten.  They are using remeda materials to create and write addition equations. They are using digital cameras to document their equation creations. They will compile their photos to create a class number poster to document and share their learning.  Another math group is learning how to solve equations with missing addends. They are using poster boards to create giant equations, and then working together in teams to determine the missing addends. They are also exploring number equations using water color paints. A third math group has been playing multiplication games and determining missing addends in two digit equations.