Beekeeper Presentation and Insect Study

The Otter class was invited to participate in a Beekeeper presentation! A community member's family has numerous beehives and are knowledgeable about bees and bee colonies. This was very interesting and informative. We were able to learn about the structure or the bee box, observe a live drone bee, taste freshly collected honey, and hold some beekeeping tools. We learned that the bee colony is made up of a queen, worker bees and drones. The beekeeper explained how the bees communicate through movements that specify which direction and how far food or water is. 

Our class is still caring for and observing praying mantises. We have noticed how large they are getting and also that their color is changing from light brown to green. We have noticed that their appetites have grown along with their size! 

Also our caterpillars have moved into their pupa stage of their life cycle. We have transferred the chrysalises into a butterfly enclosure with the expectation that they will emerge as butterflies next week.