Last Day of School

We had an amazing last day together! We got the opportunity to hold and observe our praying mantises up close. We were so surprised how well they gripped onto our hands and how little we felt them. We were able to see their barbed front legs, their compound eyes, and watch them jump. Then we released them into our butterfly garden. The Whales put on a performance of a well know story, "Caps for Sale." As a class, we clean and organized the classroom materials. The group enjoyed scrubbing the shelves and the tables with shaving cream and this left them sparkling clean. 

In the afternoon, the whole school community enjoyed a review of our incredible year together with a slideshow. We enjoyed reflecting on all the memorable moments we have had. Our favorites were Doctor Seuss Day, the pumpkin patch visit, and outdoor day. It was hard to say our goodbyes but we know that we will never forget each other and the fantastic community we created.

Thanks to everyone for making this a great year! Have a great summer!