This week was all about collaboration, creativity, and having fun! We started the week out by participating in an Author Share-Out with the Whales. We had so much fun collaborating, sharing ideas and inspiration between writers, and reading our own stories with friends.

The end of our week was all about TIE-DYE! The Otters were so excited to patriciate in this year’s annual tie-dye day! We prepped earlier in the week by looking at different tie-dye designs and practicing how to fold and wrap our items. We had a wide variety of clothing items being tie-dyed this year: Shirts, dresses, pillow cases and even socks! And on Monday morning the following week, we had so much fun unveiling our COLORFUL tie-dye items to each other and wore them proudly all day long!

Monarch Butterflies & Morning Work

This week we started our exploration and study of the Monarch Butterfly. We did this by immersing ourselves in a variety of creative expression activities that were Monarch-inspired as well as learned about the butterfly’s anatomy, life cycle, food source, and habitat. We had a lot of fun creating our own Monarchs using oil pastels earlier in the week and then channeled our inner-scientist when we practiced scientifically drawing and labeling the parts of a butterfly on cardstock.

We also had fun during our morning work throughout the week where we tackled Lego challenges like building your names out of Legos, building items we could use in the classroom, flexing our creative muscles while making cards, and playing problem-solving board games like Chess.

As always, the Otters continue to LOVE the Cedar Classroom, with the highlight of the week being the sandbox and water pump!

Otter Author Share-Out, Number Representation & Meditation Surprises

One of the highlights of this week was our Otter Author Share-Out! Writers’ Workshop has been one of the class’ most loved activities since the start of the school year. This week each person in class chose a personal writing piece they wanted to share with their friends. Otters took turns presenting and answering questions about their writing and many of them added new books to our classroom library!

In numeracy, we continued our work by discussing and showing different ways to represent a number.  Students worked together to create visual resources to post near their table groups to show the ways they best like to represent numbers.  The 5 most used ways included: written form, expanded form, tally marks, number line, and drawing base 10 blocks.  When surveyed, tally marks was by far the class favorite. 

Ms. Julie also surprised the class with a new moon lantern during meditation. All the students really enjoy this time for mindful reflection, now even more so by the glow of our very own “moon” in class!

We Are All an Important Piece of the Puzzle!

During week 2 we continued to build classroom community and get to know our friends in class. We had fun working on collaborative artwork, playing team games, as well as participating in small group work during various classroom activities.  

As we focused on building community, we also explored our own individual creativity and bringing out the inner artist in each of us. We made dot art in honor of the annual Dot Day and shared our dots with different friends in class. We also created self-portraits that celebrated the things that make us uniquely who we are. We read A Bad Case of Stripes, by David Shannon, and talked about the importance of being true to ourselves.

We also got to buddy read, where we got to read our favorite stories with a friend. This was by far one of the highlights of the week! We were also really excited to finally use our personal writing folders during writer’s workshop and we started writing thank you letters to Mr. Herb, who oversaw the building of the Cedar Classroom. We had a GREAT second week!

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to another exciting school year! This week we spent time getting to know our classroom and reconnecting with friends old and new!  We started this year off by focusing on building classroom community. We did this by creating a collaborative art project, as well as playing fun team games like musical chairs. We also established our own set of classroom expectations and Busy Otter jobs and responsibilities for the year. Our favorite class activities this week included treasured reading and writer’s workshop. Outdoors we enjoyed exploring the new Cedar Classroom. Our favorite outdoor activities included climbing the cedar logs, playing freeze tag on the grass, and using the new water pump in the sandbox!