Week 3

As we continue to build our classroom community and get to know each other, we have started a tradition called Person of the Week.  Our friend was invited to share something with the class each day of the week and was interviewed by the class on Friday.  We found that even students who have known each other for 4 years can still be surprised and learn new things about their friends. We look forward to learning more about each other each week. 

We continued numeracy work by discussing and showing different ways to represent a number.  Students worked together to create visual resources to post near their table groups to show the ways they best like to represent numbers.  The 5 most used ways included: written form, expanded form, tally marks, number line, and drawing base 10 blocks.  When surveyed, drawing base 10 blocks was by far the favorite. 

Another focus this week was the difference between gross and fine motor movements.  We walked to Roger’s Park to practice our gross motor movements such as running, jumping, and climbing.  In the classroom, we started coloring mandalas to practice the fine motor movements involving hands, fingers, and wrists.