This week the Otters have been talking about peace.  We have spent time each day on activities related to peace.  We have spent time individually and as a whole group sorting actions into two categories: Peaceful or Not Peaceful.  We each shared different ideas of how some actions are both peaceful and not peaceful depending on the context or tone of voice used in speaking.  Example: most students said it is not peaceful to interrupt someone when they are talking, however, others pointed out that it could be a peaceful action if you were giving them emergency information.  Ask your student to share some of their ideas about peaceful and not peaceful actions. 

We each made posters with 4 categories about peace: what it looks like, sounds like, feels like, and why it is important.  We shared our posters with the class and found that there were some common themes such as calm and quiet. We listened to The Peace Book by Todd Parr and each wrote a page for our own peace book. We also created a collaborative piece of art with the outline of two doves on canvas and our fingerprints in different colors of paint.

After watching a video of students ages 4 to 17 at the Khabele School in Texas share their thoughts about peace, we decided to make our own video about peace.  To see the Khabele School video and the Otter video click over to the Watch & Listen tab.  Otter video is password protected.  Password: otters

On Friday, we read and talked about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his dedication to peace.  Ms. Shelley came for music and made us songbooks.  We sang “We Shall Overcome” and loved it so much we sang it often throughout the rest of the day.  In the next few weeks we will talk about just and unjust actions before moving on to learn about rights and responsibilities.