Tie Dye

Last week we spent a few days preparing for the ELC’s annual Tie Dye Day.  First, we took time to look through some examples of folding and dying.  We studied the different ways to fold our items as well as the various techniques for applying the dye.  Some of us even practiced different ways to fold with pieces of paper. We thought about the designs and colors we’d like to see on our items.  Next, we made predictions by drawing and writing about how our finished items would look.  Then, we carefully folded and tied our items.  Finally, it was Tie Dye Day!  We could barely contain our excitement.  We felt so lucky that we were the first class to dye.  We got extra help from parents, and MAT students including Ms. Kailey and Mr. Sam.

On Monday Mr. Mark brought us our completed items.  We were so happy with our results!  Most Otters agree that Tie Dye Day is one of our favorite ELC traditions

(*special note to parents: The Otters have been reading the blog together on Monday mornings.  You may notice in this blog I highlighted the sequence of events by using words the words: first, next, then, and finally.  This is something we will be focusing on in writing.  Ask your student to tell you about their day by using some sequencing words.  Other great sequencing words are: earlier, at first, before, as soon as, after that, eventually, later on, in the end, in conclusion.)