This week we were all about pumpkins!  We worked in groups of 3 to estimate the height, weight, and circumference of pumpkins that grew over the summer in the piazza.  We used place value to solve problems that revealed a mystery picture…which turned out to be a pumpkin.  We wrote cinquain poems about pumpkins, colored zentangle pumpkins and started our own pumpkin drawings.  On Friday, we measured and opened our pumpkins to count the seeds.  We worked with our groups to find the most efficient way to count seeds.  Most groups decided that it was best to group seeds in 10’s so that we could skip count by 10’s and not lose track of how many we were counting.  At the end, we looked back at our original estimates and compared them to the actual number of seeds to decide if our estimates were reasonable (close) or unreasonable.  Finally, we packed up our boots and headed to the pumpkin patch with our families.