Monarch Butterflies

This fall we have been studying the life cycle and migration of the monarch butterfly.  There is a group called Journey North that tracks the migration of the monarch from Canada to Mexico and back.  The Otters are currently participating in a symbolic migration.  We have created and sent a class butterfly along with individual paper butterflies that will journey to a classroom in Mexico this fall much like the monarchs do.  In the spring as the monarchs leave Mexico we will receive a package with paper butterflies that will symbolize their journey back north to Canada.  To see our class butterfly and our participation dot on the map, check out the link below.

This week as we wrapped up our monarch study, we made paper monarchs and took them on a migration walk to the park.  We discovered that we would have to walk to the park nearly 3,000 times in order to travel as far as monarchs do during their migration flights.  We were amazed that they make such a long, perilous journey every year.  Ask your student to tell you some of the dangers that monarchs face along the way.