Stone Soup

Last week Ms. Kailey read us a version of Stone Soup and we spent some time talking about what community means to us.  We shared about the different communities that we are each a part of besides our school and town.  We told about the activities we participate in such as Girl Scouts, swimming, gymnastics, soccer, dance and many, many more.  We discussed the ways that we build community with friends new and old within those activities as well as how we can contribute to each community in different ways.   

On Tuesday, we had our annual ELC Stone Stoup celebration.  We spent the morning cutting vegetables with our friends and adding them to the large bowl that would be poured into the community soup pot.  All the while we chanted: “Bring what you’ve got, put it in the pot! We’re making Stone Soup!”

As it neared time to enjoy the soup together we gathered in Creative Play with the Dolphins, Sharks, and Whales to listen to Mr. Mark read Stone Soup.  After the story, we joined all of our friends in the Atelier to eat together.  While not every student loved the taste of stone soup, every student enjoyed contributing to the making of stone soup and celebrating the ELC community together. Many students began referring to stone soup day as “the friendliest day of the year.”