Voice Visit

Ms. Kerry (aka Henry’s mom) has been coming to our classroom every week to help with our numeracy centers. Last week, the Otters went to see Ms. Kerry in her classroom upstairs for a voice visit.  First, we discussed where our voice comes from and how we can feel our voice by touching our throat when we talk or make noise.  Next, we played a game called voice or no voice.  We made different sounds and voted weather or not we were using our voices to make those sounds.  After that, Ms. Kerry showed us that clapping our hands is a lot like what our vocal cords are doing when we talk or make noise.  When we clap very hard, our hands hurt.  When we yell really loudly, our vocal cords hurt.   We learned about different ways to take care of our voice.  Ask your student to tell you about taking a voice nap.  Finally, we worked in small groups with graduate students to use our voice in different ways.  We enjoyed spending time with the “big students” and learning so much about our voice.