The Otters have been talking about perseverance and the idea that just because something is hard does not mean we should not try.  We decided it means that we might have to try several times in order to feel successful and more often than not we may have to ask for help from others.  Ask your student about Coyote Peterson’s rescue of a rainbow trout.  We watched him make 10 attempts until he successfully rescued and relocated a marooned trout!  Each time he tried and failed he learned something that would help him on his next attempt.

Last week Mr. Sam showed us a video about a 1st grade boy named Austin who was tasked with drawing a scientifically accurate butterfly.  The video detailed how Austin worked through 6 drafts of his drawing before he considered it complete.  He accepted suggestions called critiques from his friends and teachers in order to help him improve.  Mr. Sam then challenged us to draw a scientifically accurate rainbow trout.  We practice giving critiques as well as using the advice we were given to improve our drawings.  One of us even drew with a broken arm!  It was frustrating at times, but in the end we all persevered and produced rainbow trout drawings that made us proud.