Trout Release

We had beautiful weather for our trout release at Hagg Lake last week.  We enjoyed the quick school bus ride to Scoggins Valley Recreation Area.  We found a perfect release spot with some slower moving, very cold water.  Many of Otters shared that they were sad to say goodbye to the trout but happy that they could swim free! 

Now that the trout are swimming free, we want to make sure that we have left them in a healthy stream with plenty to eat.  One way to check this is by examining the leaf pack from the stream.  After releasing the last of the trout, Mr. Mark led us in collecting leaves and explaining the leaf pack investigation.  We gathered all kinds of leaves from the area and then helped Mr. Mark bundle them into mesh bags.  The bags were then securely tied in an area of the stream where they will not be disturbed for the next few weeks.  When Mr. Mark retrieves the bags, we will examine the leaves and discover what kinds of organisms are living in the stream.  What we find inside the leaf pack will help us determine the health of the stream.

We enjoyed eating at the picnic tables and exploring the area before returning to the ELC.