Otter Author Share-Out, Number Representation & Meditation Surprises

One of the highlights of this week was our Otter Author Share-Out! Writers’ Workshop has been one of the class’ most loved activities since the start of the school year. This week each person in class chose a personal writing piece they wanted to share with their friends. Otters took turns presenting and answering questions about their writing and many of them added new books to our classroom library!

In numeracy, we continued our work by discussing and showing different ways to represent a number.  Students worked together to create visual resources to post near their table groups to show the ways they best like to represent numbers.  The 5 most used ways included: written form, expanded form, tally marks, number line, and drawing base 10 blocks.  When surveyed, tally marks was by far the class favorite. 

Ms. Julie also surprised the class with a new moon lantern during meditation. All the students really enjoy this time for mindful reflection, now even more so by the glow of our very own “moon” in class!