Otter Engineers!

Teamwork was a key focus in the Otter classroom this week. We started the week off  by learning more about the engineering design process and put that into practice when we all participated in the Otter team bridge building challenge. Each table group was tasked with designing a bridge using a limited amount of supplies made up of straws and tape. After designing and building our bridges, each group then tested their design by assessing how much weight they could hold, using a Dixie cup and pennies. Not only did the Otters have a lot of fun during this challenge, but they also were really successful in designing bridges that were unique and functional!

Later in the week, the Otters were challenged in engineering once again when they were given a variety of random items and tasked with building something creative in a small group. Each group navigated introducing ideas and collectively came up with a design they all agreed on. They then built their creations and proudly presented them to the class in our Otter Engineers Share-Out!