Cedar Classroom Exploration

began a project that we will continue to work on throughout the school year. We toured the outdoor classroom with Mr. Mark and also got to use a variety of technological tools to investigate what living things share the Cedar Classroom with us.

A huge highlight for all the Otters was the exploration of the pond and bioswale. These are spaces that we don’t get to experience as regularly and it was so fun seeing what kinds of plants, animals, and insects call these spaces home. During our exploration, we not only took notes and drew scientific illustrations of our observations, but we also got to use digital cameras, proscopes on the ipads, and macro lenses to get a view of our outdoor classroom like we’ve never seen it before!

We also collected the artifacts that we found most interesting and brought them inside to investigate them more closely. One of our class favorites was looking at the bees we found outside under a microscope! We even got to see their stingers!