The salmon have FINALLY arrived! We have long awaited their arrival since the fish spawned nearly 3 weeks late this year. We were so excited to have the Steelheaders come and deliver our eggs to us. Our classroom is now home to 250 future salmon! We have so many fun things planned in the next few weeks and we already can’t wait for them to hatch!

Other exciting things that happened this week included the Halloween parade! We had so much fun dressing up and sharing our costumes with our friends, family, and the Berglund Hall staff and students. 

Ms. Julie also took us on our first meditative nature walk. We loved walking on campus while we got to appreciate all the beauty around us. Not only did we enjoy being outside on such a beautiful Fall day, but we also got to collect our favorite leaves on campus, which we will eventually use for a special Thanksgiving expressive arts project. It was a great week!