Salmon Life Cycle: Egg Stage

As we begin our exploration of salmon this week, we started by looking at the stages of the Salmon life cycle. We centered our focus on the egg stage since that’s what we currently have in our classroom. To do this, we watched videos of salmon embryos under a microscope and practiced making scientific observations in our notes and drawing scientific illustrations of what we saw.

We then built on this activity by actually looking at one of our own embryos under the proscope on the Smartboard. It was AMAZING! We even got to see the salmon embryo’s heartbeat and it’s body moving inside it’s egg sack! Afterwards, we used watercolors to really bring our scientific drawings to life and we will add them to our own class underwater mural, which we will add to as we study the stages of the life cycle our own classroom salmon go through.

Given our current unit of study, this week we also learned a new numeracy game that not only involved the stages of the salmon life cycle, but also data collection and analysis, addition and subtraction, and the mathematic symbols: <, >, and =

And Ms. Julie tested our “salmon” agility during wiggle time this week during a series of relays and obstacle courses. Otters attempted to brave the perils of an imaginary salmon migration – Dodging hungry bears and jumping over powerful waterfalls on their journey home! There was a lot of fun and laughter involved!