Salmon Stories

This week we continued our study of the salmon life cycle, but we also explored some of the cultural influences salmon have in Native American traditions. We listened and read folktales as well as learned more about what a Salmon Ceremony is, and it’s importance, in Native American culture. One really important tradition in Native American culture and history is storytelling and we have found that salmon have played a huge role in many of their stories. In honor of that tradition, we too started to write our own Salmon stories over the last few days.

By the end of the week we also noticed a BIG change in our fish tank: Some of our salmon eggs have started to HATCH!!! As we have learned over the last 2 weeks, the next step in their life cycle is the ALEVIN stage. Like we did with our salmon eggs and embryos, we also have begun making scientific observations and illustrations of our newly hatched alevin and will add to our mural artwork in the next couple weeks!