Stone Soup!

“Take what you got, put it in the pot… We’re making STONE SOUP!”

 During this short week of school before our Fall break we were focused on kindness, savoring the moment, and gratitude in the Otter’s classroom.  One of the many celebrations we look forward to every year, that encompasses all those things we were focusing on this week, is Stone Soup day! The Otters did such a great job cutting all our vegetables and we are so grateful we were surrounded by so many friends and family while we did it! The soup was so tasty and we had so much fun during our lunch time feast!  

We also were so proud of the expressive arts project we completed this week, just in time for Thanksgiving! Every Otter made a gratitude tree to take home for their families for Fall break. This was a project that started weeks ago when we went on a nature walk with Ms. Julie and collected hundreds of colorful leaves on campus! We then spent a lot of time talking about being thankful and grateful for the people and things we have in our lives. Using paint pens, we then wrote those things on each of the leaves we collected on our walk. As a finishing touch, each Otter decorated a beautiful vase to display their leaves. Not only did their trees turn out beautifully, but seeing how proud each Otter was of their artwork and their excitement to give them to their families was so wonderful!